The Pastoral Mentorship Program

Live-Feed Video Classroom

The Pastoral Mentorship Program (PMP) is a combination of distance learning and concentrated classroom training. It is designed for Bible Presbyterians and Christian servants from similar Reformed churches who are busy serving in their home churches and find it difficult to move to Lakewood for full-time studies. All degree programs offered by WRS are available through the PMP, except the M.R.S. degree.

Each PMP term is one academic year, beginning in September and ending in July. Students may register for the PMP term any time during the spring of the previous term, during the summer prior to the term, or during the fall season of the term. The deadline for registration for the current term is the end of December. Any registrations sought after that time will be accepted only by special faculty permission. It is recommended that the student register as soon as possible before or during the term, so that there will be adequate time to complete the course assignments prior to the concentrated sessions.

Distance students complete their assignments through the year before coming to WRS for concentrated course sessions in the classroom; these sessions are held two weeks each year in May/June. While the PMP student always has access through the year to WRS faculty via email and voice and video contact, key to his distance learning is the Pastoral Mentor. The student will work closely with his pastor or other seminary approved mentor in his academic pursuits as well as his practical training.

Up to one semester of coursework may be taken in a year. The Pastoral Mentorship Program offers the full three-year curriculum over a six-year cycle that may be entered at the beginning of any year. Some courses have prerequisites. Because of scheduling, the required courses for students seeking a two-year degree may be offered over a period from four to six years.

Additionally, for students who desire seminary training but are unable to commute to Lakewood for classes, WRS offers a live-video feed classroom experience through Zoom® technology. This method offers the distant student the ability to join the professor and resident students in a synchronous classroom where both parties can be seen and heard for lecture and classroom interaction. When you can't be a resident student, this is the next best option.