WRS Graduates

Since its founding in 1983, many have earned degrees from Western Reformed Seminary. Since that time some have gone on to their “graduation” to heaven. Other have been serving the Lord in various ways.

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Please pray for our graduates, as they labor in the Lord’s harvest fields.

Graduates by Year

  • Chun S. Won (M.B.S.)
  • James D. Saxman (M.R.S.)
  • Matthew Piatt (M.Div.)
  • Judith Collins (M.B.S.)
  • John Theodore Dyck (M.Div.)
  • John Edward Galle (M.R.S.)
  • Michael Paul Herdle (M.R.S.)
  • Craig Gilliam Morse (M.R.S.)
  • Michael Joseph Campese (Cert.B.S.)
  • Donald Rodger Bell, Jr. (M.Div.)
  • Philip Irwin Resnick (M.R.S.)
  • Samuel David Taylor (Dipl.R.S. → M.R.S. 2004)
  • Leonard William Pine (M.Div.)
  • Geoffrey Muvengie Muthangya (M.T.S.)
  • Philip Irwin Resnick (M.Div.)
  • Eric James Frank (Dipl.Div.)
  • Allister Gorden Christian Stone (Dipl.Div. → M.Div. 1998)
  • Johnnie Philip McCurley (Dipl.R.S.)
  • Tito deSigueira Lyro (Dipl.Div. → M.Div. 2000)
  • M. Lynn Doty (M.R.S.)
  • Leldon Partain (M.R.S.)
  • Mark Baldwin (M.Div.)
  • Joshua Musyoka (M.Div.)
  • Andrew J. Phipps (Cert.R.S.)
  • Larry A. Carlson (M.Div.)
  • Melvin F. Koski (Cert.R.S.)
  • William Eric Duble (M.R.S.)
  • Dennis F. Piwowarczyk (M.Div.)
  • Linda J. Wier (M.R.E.)
  • Se Woo Park (M.C.M.)
  • David A. Watzek (M.Div.)
  • Larry W. Wofford (M.Div.)
  • Michael McMillan (Cert.Div. → M.Div. 2009)
  • Kent Hakola (Cert.R.S.)
  • Eric S. Lasch (M.C.M.)
  • Timothy R. Prussic (M.T.S., M.Div.)
  • Steven E. Brinegar (M.Div.)
  • John K. Han (M.Div.)
  • Laurie Ann Popich Copeland (M.R.S.)
  • Roland Leigh Porter (Cert.C.M.)
  • Benjamin Michael Dally (M.Div.)
  • Bradley Christopher Gist (B.D.)
  • Douglas E. Leaman (M.Div.)
  • Jason Robert Anspach (M.Div.)
  • Leldon Partain (M.Div.)
  • MyungJoon (Andy) Yong (M.Div.)
  • Pui Meng Chan (M.T.S.)
  • Christian Comis (M.Div.)
  • Jarrod Harmaning (M.Div.)
  • David Maleke (M.Div.)
  • Seung Berm “Ezra” Moon (M.Div.)
  • Il Won (M.T.S.)
  • Myungjoon “Andy” Yong (M.T.S.)
  • Junho Song (M.B.S.)


Alphabetical List


Jason Anspach (M.Div. 2012)
Jason currently is youth pastor and a ruler elder in the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, WA. He also is an author of fiction books. See Jason’s contributions to the WRS Journal.
Mark Baldwin (M.Div. 1997)
Mark is a missionary to Cambodia under the Presbyterian Missionary Union. Mark also prepared our Harmony of the Westminster Standards. See his website.
Don Bell (M.Div. 1992)
Don is a CPA who lives in Puyallup, Washington, where he owns his own accounting business. He applies Christian principles to his business, and also prepares the annual financial review of WRS. Before coming to WRS he served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. See his website.
Steven E. Brinegar (M.Div. 2006)
Steve is an ordained minister of the Florida Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Church, and also serves as the General Synod’s stated clerk. He is the pastor of the Grace Bible Presbyterian Church of Cape Canaveral, Florida. You can listen to Pastor Steve’s sermons, or even live stream the church services.
Mike Campese (Cert.B.S. 1990)
Mike and his family live in Olympia, Washington. He plays guitar and has many opportunities to use his musical talents in churches in the area. He manages a very active and widely-read website: Spread the Word Ministries.
Larry Carlson (M.Div. 1998)
Larry was ordained a minister of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and served as a pastor for several years after his graduation from WRS. He now is retired but continues to preach and lead Bible studies in the region.
Pui Meng Chan (M.T.S., 2013)
Pui Meng is a member of the Life Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore, and is preparing to serve as a fully supported missionary for her church in neighboring countries.
Judith Collins (M.B.S. 1988)
Judith serves as a missionary to Kenya under the Independent Board for Presbyterian Missions. There she teaches at the Bible College of East Africa in Nairobi, and has pioneered an evangelistic and educational work among the Rendile tribe in northern Kenya. Read her WRS Journal articles.
Christian Comis (M.Div., 2015)
Chris and his wife enjoy homeschooling their five (soon to be six!) children. He is currently candidating in the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC), where he hopes to eventually receive ordination and installation in a local church.  See a review he wrote for the WRS Journal.
Laurie A. P. Copeland (M.R.S. 2008)
Laurie lives with her husband in Seattle; they belong to the Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Kent, WA. She maintains an active internet web ministry (see her website). She also teaches and ministers at various missions in the area.
Benjamin M. Dally (M.Div. 2009)
Ben and his wife Shelly live in Wheaton, Ill. He has completed advanced study at Wheaton College Graduate School in biblical exegesis.   Ben currently is a licensed clinical professional counselor at the Heartland Counseling Center.
Lynn Doty (M.R.S. 1996)
Lynn was the director of Ministry to Military Personnel, a witness to our military off base. He now is with the Lord.
Eric Duble (M.R.S. 1999)
Eric worked for many years with Youth for Christ in Tacoma, reaching troubled young people in the juvenile detention system. He now is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of America and is pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Walker, Iowa; he also teaches there at Cono Christian School.
John Dyck (M.Div. 1990)
Since his graduation from WRS John was ordained as a minister in the Bible Presbyterian Church and has served as pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Edmonton, Alberta. In addition, he is the assistant stated clerk of the Bible Presbyterian Church, General Synod, and is the Synod’s webmaster. Read his articles in the WRS Journal.
Eric Frank (Dipl.Div. 1994)
For several years Eric served as an adjunct instructor at WRS. He currently lives in Tacoma. You can read several articles he wrote on the WRS website.
John Galle (M.R.S. 1990)
John for many years taught and worked in the administration of Tacoma Baptist High School. He currently is a police chief in Sumner, Washington. John is an active lay leader in the Valley Bible Church of Sumner.
Kent Hakola (Cert.R.S. 2004)
Kent works as an estimator and project manager for a construction business in Snohomish, Washington. He is an active member in the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church.
John K. Han (M.Div. 2006)
John is a ordained minster of the Western Presbytery of the Hapdong Presbyterian Church in America, and is assistant pastor for the Philadelphia Korean Presbyterian Church. John currently is seeking the chaplaincy in the U.S. military.
Jarrod Harmaning (M.Div. 2015)
Jarrod currently serves as an Elder at Gateway Chapel, where he aids in preaching and teaching and leading a Home Group. He, his wife Katerina, along with his two children, are missionaries with Resourcing Christian Education International (RCE). They are raising support to grow God’s kingdom in the Czech Republic through Christian education and the local church. Jarrod is currently a Bible teacher with the Christian International School of Prague, Czech Republic (CISP).
Mike Herdle (M.R.S. 1990)
Mike currently is employed by Northwest Airlines in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Melvin Koski (Cert.R.S. 1998)
Melvin is an active officer of his church in Tacoma.
Eric S. Lasch (M.C.M. 2005)
Eric is an active elder in the Bible Presbyterian Church of Grand Island, NY. He is a Certified Public Accountant, holding a leadership position in a major accounting firm in Amherst, NY. As a Certified Member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, Eric assists his church counseling ministry. He also serves as the treasurer of the Presbyterian Missionary Union. See his article in the WRS Journal.
Tito Lyro (M.Div. 1996)
In addition to serving as an adjunct instructor for WRS, Tito is an ordained minister in the Northwest Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Church, and is the pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Olympia, Washington. See articles he has written for the WRS Journal.
John McCurley (Dipl.R.S. 1995)
John lives in Tacoma and directs Shiloh International Missions, sponsored by the Pyung Kang Che-il Presbyterian Church. He ministers especially to military personnel and families stationed in Korea. John broadcasts weekly services, Bible studies, and lectures over the Internet via Video On Demand, especially throughout Asia.
Mike McMillan (M.Div. 2004)
Mike is under the care of the Northwest Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Church, and currently is assisting the staff of the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church. He is the administrative coordinator and webmaster for the office of continuing education (see the website he created and manages). He currently is working toward his licensure by the Presbytery.
David Maleke (M.Div. 2015)
David, his wife Ayin, and his son Jason live in Tacoma and serve in the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church. He currently is seeking to develop a Reformed church for Indonesians in the Tacoma area.
Craig Morse (M.R.S. 1990)
Seung Berm “Ezra” Moon (M.Div. 2015)
Joshua Musyoka (M.Div. 1997)
Joshua is a minister in the Independent Presbyterian Church of Kenya, and now is serving as Principal of the Faith College of the Bible in western Kenya.
Geoffrey Muthangya (M.T.S. 1993)
Geoffrey is a minister in the Independent Presbyterian Church of Kenya, is the stated clerk of the IPC denomination, and directs the Mwingi Bible College in Mwingi, Kenya.
Se Woo Park (M.C.M. 2002)
Se Woo is an active duty Chaplain in the U.S. Army.
Leldon Partain (M.R.S. 1996, M.Div. 2012)
Leldon is the pastor of the Rosedale Reformed Bible Church in Gig Harbor, Washington. You can listen to some of his sermons.
Andy Phipps (Cert.R.S. 1997)
Matt Piatt (M.Div. 1988)
Matt has served on the pastoral staff of an independent church in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.
Len Pine (M.Div. 1993)
For several years Len was a resident member of the WRS faculty and edited the WRS Journal (see his articles). Len continues to be an adjunct faculty member of WRS. Len is an ordained minister of the Bible Presbyterian Church and now serves as the pastor of the Providence Bible Presbyterian Church in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, and as the Field Representative of the Presbyterian Missionary Union.
Dennis Piwowarczyk (M.Div. 2001)
Dennis is a deacon in the Armor Bible Church in Orchard Park, New York, where he is engaged in teaching and evangelism work. See his WRS Journal article.
Roland L. Porter (Cert.C.M. 2008)
Roland for many years was the visitation pastor for the Historic Vaughn Bay Church in Vaughn, Washington.  He now is retired.
Timothy R. Prussic (M.T.S., M.Div. 2005)
Tim is an ordained minister in the Bible Presbyterian Church. He currently is pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Scappoose, Oregon. See his articles in the WRS Journal.
Phil Resnick (M.R.S. 1992; M.Div. 1994)
Phil is an elder in the Grace Bible Presbyterian Church of Sharonville, Ohio, and also is an elder in Beth Messiah, a Messianic Jewish congregation near his home in Covington, Kentucky. He teaches full-time at North Kentucky University in political science, history, and religion. In 2004 Phil was elected Moderator of the Bible Presbyterian General Synod, and he continues to be the Synod’s endorsing agent for chaplains in the military. Phil also is the president of our WRS Alumni Association!
Jim Saxman (M.R.S. 1986)
Jim is the director of “Acquainted With Grief,” a ministry for bereaved people. See his book, Memorializing the Dead; Preaching to the Living. You can obtain this book directly from Jim. He also provides seminars and symposiums advising Christians and ministers about issues related to death, dying, funerals, and grief counseling. Contact Jim by phone at (253) 964-5939.
Junho Song (M.B.S. 2015)
Allister Stone (M.Div. 1995)
Allister is an M.D. serving in Tacoma General Hospital. He is a ruling elder in the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church, and is a licensed to preach by the Great Western Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Church.
Dave Taylor (M.R.S. 1992)
Dave has an active teaching teaching ministry at his congregation in Buffalo, Minnesota.
Dave Watzek (M.Div. 2004)
Dave is the pastor of an independent Reformed church in Puyallup, Washington. 
Linda Wier (M.R.E., 2001)
Linda is a registered nurse, and an active biblical counselor in Tacoma. She also has been active at the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Pierce County.
Larry Wofford (M.Div. 2004)
Larry has served as a chaplain’s assistant in the U.S. Army Reserve, and the pastor of a church in Brooklyn, New York.
Chun S. Won (M.B.S. 1986)
Il Won (M.T.S., 2015)
Myungjoong “Andy” Yong (M.Div. 2012, M.T.S. 2015)
Myungjoon now is an ordained minister of the Bible Presbyterian Church, serving as a home missionary for the Great Western Presbytery. He is pasturing a new Korean congregation in Tacoma, Washington. He also is an adjunct instructor at WRS, teaching courses in the Korean language.