The WRS Journal — Volume 9:2

(August, 2002)

“Discipline and Discipling in Church and Home”

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Editor’s Notes (inside cover)

Editor’s Notes by John A. Battle

Keynote (pages 1-7)

Make Disciples (Part 2): It Takes a Family by Rev. Doug Sukhia, Pastor, Armor BPC, Orchard Park, NY, WRS Board member

Exegesis (pages 8-17)

Covenant Discipleship in the First Testament by Rev. Christopher Lensch, Assoc. Professor of OT

New Testament Support for Church Discipline by Dr. John A. Battle, Professor of NT & Theology

Application & Perspective (pages 18-25)

Church Membership in the Light of the Scriptures: A Critique by Dr. Leonard Pine, Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology

Church and Family–Partners in Discipleship by Rev. Tito Lyro, Assistant Professor of Theology and Bible

Books (pages 26-29)

Donald Van Dyken, Rediscovering Catechism: The Art of Equipping Covenant Children, reviewed by Tim Hart, Elder, Columbia Bible Presbyterian Church, Scappoose, OR

Annotated Bibliography by Christopher Lensch

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