The WRS Journal — Volume 8:2

(August, 2001)

“Discipline and Discipling in the Heart”

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Editor’s Notes (inside cover)

Editor’s Notes by John A. Battle

Keynote (pages 2 – 5)

Make Disciples by Rev. Doug Sukhia, Pastor, Armor BPC, Orchard Park, NY, and WRS Board member

Exegesis (pages 6 – 11)

Jesus the Discipler by Rev. Leonard Pine, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Paul’s Discipline of the Christian Life by Rev. Tom Lyon, Adjunct Instructor in NT Greek

Application & Perspective (pages 12 – 27)

Discipleship in an Undisciplined World by Rev. Christopher Lensch, Associate Professor of OT

Monk or Merchant? The Direction of Spiritual Discipline by Dr. John Battle, Professor of NT & Theology

The Religious Life of Theological Students by Dr. Benjamin Breckenridge Warfield (abridged)

Books (pages 28-31)

The Prayer of Jabez reviewed by Rev. Bryan Pollock, Pastor, Pilgrim Bible Church, Tacoma, WA

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