The WRS Journal — Volume 8:1

(February, 2001)

“A Biblical Environmental Impact Statement”

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Editor’s Notes (inside cover)

Editor’s Notes by Leonard W. Pine

Keynote (pages 2 – 4)

Representing God to Creation: The Imago Dei in Action by Rev. Leonard Pine, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Exegesis (pages 5 – 14)

The Third Commandment and Godly Environmentalism by Dr. John Battle, Professor of NT & Theology

God’s Gift of the Land: Creation, Jubilee, and Re-creation by Rev. Christopher Lensch, Associate Professor of OT

Application & Perspective (pages 15 – 29)

Saviors of the Earth? The Bible and Ecology in Ecclesiology by Rev. Earl Brown, S.T.M., Philadelphia, PA

Environmentalism & the Worship of Mother Earth by Rev. James Huff, Pastor First BPC, Kalispell, MT

The Bible and Agrarianism by Rev. Paul Armes, Lakeland, FL

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