The WRS Journal — Volume 7:1

(February, 2000)

“The Ministry of the Word in Worship”

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Editor’s Notes (inside cover)

Editor’s Notes by Leonard W. Pine

Keynote (pages 1-7 )

MYTH #2: ‘We Must Make Our Church Worship Meet Today’s Standards.’” by Dr. Kevin Backus, Pastor, BPC, Grand Island, NY

Application (pages 8-22)

Preaching as Worship by Rev. John Dyck, Pastor, BPC, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Ministry of the Word through the Sacraments by Dr. John Battle, Professor of NT & Theology

The Public Reading of the Scriptures by Rev. Christopher Lensch, Associate Professor of OT

Perspective (pages 23-36)

The Written Word of God & the People of God by Elder Tom Tagliente, Evergreen BPC, Puyallup, WA

How Shall We Now Worship? Applying the Regulative Principle by Rev. E. Bennett Robinson, Pastor, Wilson PC, Clairton, PA

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