The WRS Journal — Volume 4:2

(August, 1997)

“Hodge and Princeton: A Bicentennial Reminder of Our Roots”

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Editor’s Notes (inside cover)

A Passion for Purity by Leonard W. Pine

Keynote (pages 1-8)

The Princeton Legacy by Christopher Lensch, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

History (pages 9-28)

A Short Biography of Charles Hodge [excerpt] by Dr. Robert Anderson, Pastor, Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, WA; WRS Board Member

Impressions and Implications from American Presbyterian History, Part 2 by Dr. Victor Hall, Pastor of Outreach, Bible Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

Analysis (pages 28-41)

Charles Hodge, Inspiration, Textual Criticism, and the Princeton Doctrine of Scripture by Dr. John Battle

Proclamation (page 42)

The Goal of the Church by Rev. Leonard Pine, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Books (pages 43-45)

Hank Hanegraaff, Counterfeit Revival, reviewed by John Battle

David B. Calhoun, Princeton Seminary, Volume 1: Faith and Learning, 1812-1868, reviewed by Chris Lensch

David B. Calhoun, Princeton Seminary, Volume 2: The Majestic Testimony, 1869-1929, reviewed by John Battle

Recommended Additional Reading on Hodge, Princeton, and American Presbyterianism

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