The WRS Journal — Volume 4:1

(February, 1997)

“A Frank Critique of the Modern Ecumenical Movement”

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Editor’s Notes Inside Cover

Is Separation Biblical? by Rev. Leonard W. Pine

Exegesis pages 1-7

The Doctrine of Separation as Taught in 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1 by Dr. John E. Janbaz, San Bernardino, California; WRS Board Member

History pages 8-21

Impressions and Implications from American Presbyterian History, Part 1 by Dr. Victor Hall, Pastor of Outreach, Bible Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

Analysis pages 21-35

Cooperative Evangelism and the Doctrine of Separation by Mr. Brad Gsell, Elder, Bible Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

Update on the National Association of Evangelicals by Rev. Christopher Lensch, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

The End of the Road: Apostasy of the NCC and WCC by Dr. John Battle, Associate Professor of New Testament

A Survey of Prevailing Conditions, and a Prospectus for our Times” by Rev. Tom Lyon, Adjunct Instructor of Greek

Proclamation pages 35-39

Religious Separation by Dr. Mark Evans, Pastor, Hope Independent Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC

Books pages 40-48

Beyond Promises: A Biblical Challenge to Promise Keepers” (Exerpt) by Mr. David Hagopian, J.D., and Rev. Douglas Wilson

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