The WRS Journal — Volume 3:1

(February, 1996)

“Theodicy: God’s Justice in an Evil World”

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Special Bonus Article —

“How Can God Be Just and Ordain Evil?” by Dr. John A. Battle (This related article was  not included in the published WRS Journal.)

Editor’s Notes page 2

“Theodicy’s Challenge” by Rev. Leonard W. Pine

Keynote pages 3-8

“Job: On Trial and in Trials” by Rev. Christopher Lensch, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Perspectives pages 9-19

“Why Doesn’t God Do Something. . .NOW!?” by Mr. Eric Frank, Adjunct Instructor in Greek and Systematic Theology

“Is God Still Sovereign?” by Rev. Douglas Sukhia, Pastor, Armor Bible Presbyterian Church, Orchard Park, NY; WRS Board Member

Exegesis pages 21-26

“Remonstrating with God in Adversity: A Study in Habakkuk” by Rev. Leonard Pine, Instructor in Practical Theology

Practicum pages 27-35

“Ministering to the Saints in Adversity” by Rev. G.W. Fisher, Pastor, Bible Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN

“A Review of Pagan Views on Human Suffering” by Rev. Howard Carlson, Pastor, Suncoast Bible Presbyterian Church, Palm Harbor, FL

Books pages 35-37

Jay Adams, The Grand Demonstration, reviewed by Rev. Kevin Backus, Ph. D. candidate, Adjunct Faculty in Counseling

C. S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain, reviewed by Rev. Leonard Pine

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