The WRS Journal – Volume 2:1

(February, 1995)

“Covenant Theology and Premillennialism”

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Editor’s Notes page 1

“Plain-sense Hermeneutics and Covenant Theology” by Rev. Leonard W. Pine

Keynote pages 2-6

“Premillennialism and Covenant Theology” by Dr. John Battle, Associate Professor of New Testament

Perspectives pages 7, 11-13, 16-17

“A Survey of Early Premillennialism” by Mr. Eric Frank, Adjunct Instructor in Greek

Exegesis pages 8, 17-28

“The Eschatology of Genesis” by Rev. Christopher Lensch, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

“The Context and Meaning of the Acts” by Rev. Edward Crawford, Pastor, Evergreen Bible Presbyterian Church of Puyallup, Washington

Books page 10

William Dumbrell, Covenant and Creation, reviewed by Rev. Christopher Lensch

Original Journal 2.1

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