The WRS Journal — Volume 12:2

(August 2005)

Robert W. Anderson
Robert W. Anderson

“The Pastor/Theologian: A Festschrift for the Rev. Dr. Robert W. Anderson”

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Editor’s Notes  (inside cover)

Editor’s Notes” by John A. Battle

Life Sketch and Tributes   (pages 1-6)

Robert W. Anderson—A Brief Sketch of His Life” by John A. Battle, Professor of New Testament and Theology

Tributes by Howard Carlson, Al Cook, Ken Orr

Exegesis  (pages 7-19)

Observations on the Authenticity of the Pastoral Epistles” by Dennis W. Jowers, Assistant Professor of Theology

Pastoral Imperatives: Paul’s Use of the Imperative Mood in His Letters to Timothy and Titus” by John A. Battle

History  (pages 20-36)

Two Early American Presbyterian Pastor-Theologians: Samuel Davies and Archibald Alexander” by Christopher K. Lensch, Associate Professor of Old Testament

The Shepherd Student” by Earl L. Brown, Jr.

Sermon  (pages 36-40)

The Centrality of Preaching” by Tom Lyon, Adjunct Instructor in Greek

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