The WRS Journal — Volume 10:1

(February, 2003)

“The Modern Face of Feminism”

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Editor’s Notes (inside cover)

Editor’s Notes by John A. Battle

Keynote (pages 1-8)

Modern Arguments of Evangelical Feminists by Dr. John A. Battle, Professor of NT and Theology

Exegesis (pages 9-14)

The Two Women of the Book of Proverbs by Rev. Christopher K. Lensch, Associate Professor of OT

Women in Worship by Rev. Tito S. Lyro, Assistant Professor of Theology and Bible

Application & Perspective (pages 15-22)

Re-Imagining Review: Radical Feminism in Sheep’s Clothing by Rev. Christopher Lensch, Assoc. Professor of OT

Christiana Abroad by Judith Collins, WRS Graduate, Missionary in Kenya for the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions

Books (page 23)

Some Books About Feminism by David Davis, WRS Student and Volunteer Library Assistant

Journal Cover

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