The WRS Journal — Volume 1

Volume 1:1 (August, 1994)”The Westminster Standards”

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Editor’s Notes (page 1)

Editor’s Notes by Leonard Pine

Articles (pages 1-10)

Worship and Order: The Overlooked Priorities of Westminster by Rev. Christopher K. Lensch, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Biblical and Confessional Worship by Mr. Eric Frank, Adjunct Instructor in Greek

William Guthrie: A Brief Biography by Rev. John Dyck, Pastor, Bible Presbyterian Church, Edmonton, AB

Teaching through the Westminster Confession by Dr. John Battle, Associate Professor of New Testament

The Standards as Homiletic Tools by Mr. Leonard Pine, Instructor in Practical Theology

Journal Title Page

Original Journal Pages

[Since the WRS Journal began publication in August, 1994, there was no 1:2 issue.]