Harmony of the Westminster Standards


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The Westminster Standards provide the finest and fullest creedal expression of the Reformed faith. They were worked out through several years of intense work by the foremost Protestant theologians (“divines”) in the English-speaking world in the seventeenth century. They have since provided the doctrinal basis, after the Bible itself, of Presbyterian and other Reformed churches all over the world.

Mark E. Baldwin (M.Div., Western Reformed Seminary, 1996) has prepared an online Harmony of the Westminster Standards, including the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Westminster Larger Catechism, and the Westminster Shorter Catechism, in three columns, complete with Scripture references.Mark is now a missionary teacher to Cambodia. See his website.

This is a large file of 177 pages. You can view it online, and print it out if desired.

See the Harmony Harmony of the Westminster Standards

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