Forms to Download

The complete WRS Catalog is in PDF format. It can be downloaded and printed or read online. It contains detailed information about WRS’s background, philosophy, recognitions, programs, courses, personnel, and costs.

Enrollment Forms

In order to enroll as a student in WRS, you will need to submit two forms.  These forms can be downloaded, printed out, and sent to the seminary.

  • Application Form

    This is a one-time form that is required to be accepted as a student taking courses for credit at the Seminary.  The application fee is a one-time, non-refundable payment of $30.

  • Registration Form (2014-2015)

    This form must be completed each semester that courses are to be taken (whether for credit or for audit).  To see tuition and any other fees, click here.

  • Registration Form (PMP, 2014-2015)

    This registration form is to be completed for students taking PMP classes for the year indicated.

  • Pastoral Mentor Application Form

    This form is to be completed by the pastor who is applying to be the Pastoral Mentor of a student being enrolled in the Pastoral Mentorship Program (PMP).