Interdepartmental Studies

Courses from this department are intended to introduce students to important backgrounds to the Bible or to biblical study.


911 Biblical Introduction

Historical and literary backgrounds of the biblical message; contemporary ancient religious traditions; principles for establishing the canon of the Old and New Testaments; the apocrypha; survey of the history of biblical criticism with evaluation of higher criticism; transmission of the biblical text. 3 hrs.

912 Biblical Interpretation

Introduction to the science of hermeneutics; the various literary forms in the Bible, use of OT in NT, typology, the various methods and tools of exegesis and exposition. 2 hrs.

932 Intertestament Survey

History of the Jewish nation in the Persian, Hellenistic and Roman periods; cultural and religious developments behind NT times; significance of the LXX and of the DSS; origins of Jewish rabbinics and apocalyptic literature. 2 hrs.

9111 Bible Difficulties

Alleged contradictions in Scripture and the resolutions of these putative contradictions proposed by orthodox, biblical interpreters; relevant interpretation techniques and their significance for the broader enterprise of biblical exegesis. 2 hrs.