Department of Historical Theology

Welcome to the Department of Historic Theology. This field of study will introduce students to the outline of church history with special emphasis on the development of doctrines, ancient and modern heresies, and God’s providential use of His servants in Christ’s church.


411 The Early Church

From the New Testament Age to Gregory the Great, A.D. 30-600; the church in the Roman Empire, spread of Christianity, Apostolic Fathers, Apologists, the period of the Theologians and the Creeds. 2 hrs.

412 The Medieval & Reformation Church

From the beginning of the papacy to the beginning of the Enlightenment, 600-1650; the church in the Holy Roman Empire, Carolingian Renaissance, scholasticism, humanism, monasticism, evangelical movement, Reformation and Counter-Reformation. 3 hrs.

413 The Modern Church

From the Enlightenment (ca. 1650) to the present, the church in the modern world, orthodoxy and deism, pietism and revivalism, fundamentalism and liberalism, evangelicalism and radical theologies. 2 hrs.

414 The American Church

The birth of the European church in the new world; various groups and their leaders, and the rise of American cults; awakenings and New England theology, revivalism and the western frontier, the Civil War, the industrial revolution and social concerns; the World Wars, the modernist-fundamentalist controversy, the Sixties and the church in American government. 3 hrs.

441 Survey of Church History

From the close of the Apostolic age to the present day; development of early creeds, Medieval Theology, the impact of the Reformation, Renaissance, and Enlightenment. 3 hrs.

480 Independent Study in Historical Theology

Individual study of issues in historical theology available to those interested in advanced research. Department permission required. 2-3 hrs.

490 Thesis in Historical Theology

A thesis of approximately 10,000 words, prepared under the direction of the Historical Theology department, defending a proposition related to historical studies. The thesis is to follow the format described in the latest edition of Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. 2 hrs.

4320 History of Evangelistic Preaching in America

A study of the history, theological content, and method of the preaching of the gospel in America from Frelinghausen to the present. 2 hrs.

4321 History of Pentecostalism

A study of the historical and theological backgrounds and development of Pentecostalism and the modern charismatic movement. 2 hrs.

4322 History of Reformed Orthodoxy

A survey of Reformed Theology after the death of John Calvin; major figures studied include Theodore Beza, William Perkins, Francois Turretin; major confessions studied include the Heidelberg Catechism, Synod of Dort, Westminster Confession. 2 hrs.

4323 American Reformed History

The roots of the Reformed churches in the European Reformation; various Reformed groups and their leaders; emphasis on the development of American Presbyterianism; the inroads of modernism, and the history of its separatist churches. 2 hrs.

4330 Leading Theologians of the Past (Francis Turretin)

A study of the theological views of selected writers in the history of Christian theology with special attention to their place in the history of doctrine. 2 hrs.

4330 Leading Theologians of the Past (Jan Hus)

The distinctive ideas of Jan Hus, the historical significance of Hus’ condemnation at the Council of Constance, and Hus’ contribution to late medieval proto-Protestantism. 2 hrs.

4331 Seminar on a Leading Theologian

A seminar discussion concerning the theology of a leading theologian of either the past or the present; e.g., theology of Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Charles Hodge, etc. 2 hrs.

4335 Life & Theology of John Calvin

A study of the life and theology of John Calvin including an intense reading of his Institutes with special attention to his place in the formulation and development of Reformed Theology. 2 hrs.

4350 Presbyterian Church History

Survey of the origin, history, and distinctive doctrines of the Presbyterian churches; special attention given to the issues facing the separatist Presbyterian churches. Required for Presbyterian B. D. and M.Div. students. 2 hrs.

4360 Confronting the Cults

Studies in the history and teachings of major American cults, including a review of the literature and proselytizing methods of each; special emphasis on confronting the cultist with the Gospel in the most effective way. 2 hrs.