Department of Church Ministry

Welcome to the Department of Church Ministry. The communication and ministry of the Word of God is the focus of this department. All students will learn how to develop and present Bible lessons, and male students will be trained in preaching and in church leadership.


511 Discipleship

A study in basic principles of Christian spiritual growth; definition and biblical examples of discipleship; resources available for discipleship; Scripture memory; preparation of a devotional log; field experience in discipling a young believer. 1 hr.

512 Evangelism

A study in basic principles of personal evangelism; definition and biblical examples of evangelism; resources available for evangelism; memorization of key Scripture verses for evangelism; field experience in evangelism. 1 hr.

513 Public Speaking in the Church 1

Training in posture, vocal production, non-verbal communication; practice of vocal exercises and brief public speeches; philosophy of public speaking in church ministries. 1 hr.

514 Public Speaking in the Church 2

Practice of force, variety, and clarity in public speaking; brief public speeches and devotionals. 1hr.

521 Homiletics 1

Study in preparation and delivery of textual and topical sermons; preparation, research, organization, and content; classroom preaching and evaluation. 1 hr.

522 Homiletics 2

Study in preparation and delivery of expository sermons. 1 hr.

531 Homiletics 3

Theology of preaching; practice in all types of sermons; refining of personal style; includes preaching outside of class. 1 hr.

532 Homiletics 4

Continuation of Homiletics 3; preaching for various groups and special occasions. 1 hr.

533 Church Organization and Administration

Biblical basis of the church; its government and discipline; the offices, qualifications, and duties of church leaders; effective church management. 2 hrs.

534 Survey of Ministry

Biblical mandates and principles governing the task of the church in edifying and equipping the saints for service; the church and foreign missions; church planting; home and hospital visitation; religious education; worship; church ceremonies. 2 hrs.

536 Preaching and Teaching the Biblical Covenants

An examination of the historical, biblical covenants, their relationship to one another, and their significance to hermeneutics, theology, and living. Provides a methodology of preaching/teaching the essential elements of the biblical covenants, including producing a preaching/teaching planner for workable survey of the principal covenants. 2 hrs.

537 Bible Teaching Methods 1

Rudiments of Bible interpretation; methods for developing Bible lessons; instruction in organizing and presenting oral lessons; guidelines for teaching different age groups. 2 hrs.

538 Bible Teaching Methods 2

Practice in presenting practical Bible lessons for various ages; emphases will be on written and presentational skills. 2 hrs.

551/552 Ministry Internships 1 & 2

A field education program requiring at least 60 hours of work under supervision in community ministries; may be fulfilled anytime in the last two years of the M.Div. program or the second year of a non-M.Div. Masters program; must be approved in advance by the Director of Field Education. 1 hr.

580 Independent Study in Christian Ministry

Individual study of issues in Christian ministry available to those interested in advanced research. Department permission required. 2 hrs.

581 Independent Study in Christian Education

Individual study of issues in Christian education available to those interested in advanced research. Department permission required. 2 hrs.

590 Thesis/Project in Christian Ministry

A thesis or project of approximately 10,000 words, prepared under the direction of the department of Christian Ministry, developing an original project or proposition related to ministry in a church context. The thesis or project is to follow the format described in the latest edition of Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. 2 hrs.

5211 Church Planting

Biblical and historical origins of Presbyterian church government; starting new churches within the Presbyterian system; steps and procedures for establishing a mission and developing it into an organized church; practical methods and techniques used in church planting. 1 hr.

5221 Music in the Church

Philosophy, resources, and repertoire for effective music ministry, including service planning, choirs, congregational singing, special music, and leading music. 1 hr.