Department of Biblical Counseling

Welcome to WRS’s Department of Biblical Counseling.


611 Introduction to Biblical Counseling

The nature and principles of biblical counseling, techniques and theories of counseling; patterns of problem solving, the counselor and counselee relationship; the sufficiency of Scripture; and biblical conflict resolution. 3 hrs.

612 Marriage and Family Counseling

The systematic survey of the theology of the family: the importance of the Christian home, the covenantal family relationship, courtship versus dating; methods of premarital and marital counseling; divorce issues and rebuilding the marriage relationship after adultery. 3 hrs.

631 Advanced Counseling

A systematic application of the principles of biblical counseling to a wide variety of contemporary issues facing counselors. 3 hrs.

632 Methodologies of Counseling

Survey and critique of secular counseling theories and comparison to biblical counseling. 3 hrs.

6111 Survey of Biblical Counseling

Introduction to theory and practice of biblical counseling; contrast with other counseling methods; use of Scripture in counseling. 2 hrs.

6310 Counseling Practicum

Case analyses and case observation (video tapes); confrontation (self); and conferences (required
attendance at an annual local symposium as offered). There is a two year time limit in completing the practicum once it is begun. Elective course; required for certification by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). 4 hrs.

6311 Supervised Counseling Mentorship

Actual counseling experience and evaluation, a practicum individually supervised by a Fellow of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Elective course; required for certification by ACBC. 5 hrs.